Toes energetically

Toes are guided by the Root Chakra (Muladhara). Through this part of the body, Nadis (subtle energy channels through which the energy of the chakras flows) flow intensively, emanating from the Root Chakra. Toes symbolize an individual’s grounding in life and life force. We can compare toes to delicate branches that sprout from the roots of a tree. In yoga, the dexterity and flexibility of the toes are assessed by the ability to expand and relax them on the mat when needed, as well as the ability to move on tiptoes.

yoga, virabhadrasana positions 1, 2, 3

An example is the asana Virabhadrasana, symbolizing emerging from one’s own shell and breaking free. Feet, along with the toes and other elements, are fully rooted in the earth, and the energy of the root chakra is drawn upwards towards the hip area. For a beginner yogi struggling to maintain balance on the feet, the priority is to maintain foot stability – it is not yet time to delve into the toes. Therefore, at the beginning, the toes are pressed together to provide support. However, someone practicing asanas for a longer period of time can freely spread their toes on the mat and draw the necessary strength from the earth. When a person reaches their full potential, the state of manifestation in the body facilitates self-expression in every sphere of life and the complete discovery of their existence. In other words, it helps them focus on their dharma. They become capable of discovering where they draw their strength from and what the sources of their life energy are.

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