Through the area of the shoulder girdle flows the energy of the throat chakra and the sacral chakra, namely Vishuddhi and Svadhisthana. The region of the shoulders, similar to the hip area, is incredibly important for our well-being, range of motion, and overall fitness, but it is also energetically complex.

Shoulders are the place where we carry not only physical but also emotional burdens. It is here that we establish our personal boundaries and the boundaries in our relationships with others. This is reflected in everyday speech in almost every language in the world: when we help someone, they “lean on our shoulder,” and we “surround them with our arm.” People close to us, we “take into our arms,” and some of us, like Atlas, “carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.”

When our shoulders are healthy and functional, it positively influences our relationships and overall well-being. Opening the shoulder girdle helps us clearly perceive both our role in life and the roles others play in it, our responsibilities to ourselves, to others, but also their commitments to us. This, in turn, is important for maintaining healthy relationships and a peaceful state of mind.

When we take on tasks, jobs, or commitments that are inconsistent with our values, our dharma, our path, or life purpose, discomfort arises in the shoulder area. Similarly, when we take on the obligations of others. A mother stressing about her child’s test results will almost certainly feel discomfort in this area. After all, preparing for a test and passing it is the child’s duty, not hers. It’s a bit like trying to carry a burden that doesn’t truly belong to us. This stress creates tension in the shoulder and shoulder girdle area. This, in turn, results in a sense of anxiety and a self-perpetuating spiral.

In summary, from the perspective of chakra energy, by caring for our arms, shoulders, and upper back, we simultaneously nurture inner balance, support an understanding of life roles, and enhance relationships with others.

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