The area of the elbow is intensively traversed by the energy of the second chakra – Svadisthana. Elbows are associated with intentions. In this area, the energy of our plans and intentions accumulates. In the elbow, the energy of the arm meets – the energy of action and deeds, with purpose and intention. The expression “to work hard” or “to roll up one’s sleeves” perfectly captures the principle of energy operation in this area, referring to efforts and actions undertaken for a specific purpose.

The energy of the arm and hip is somewhat similar to each other; a similar correlation can be found between the knee and the elbow. If elbows express intentions, and the knee expresses ego, asanas in which the knee touches the elbow create space for observation, whether intentions harmonize with ego. In the practice of yoga, this alignment between intentions and ego is crucial. People who regularly practice yoga gain skill in setting intent

ions that serve their path through learning positions that activate the first three chakras, such as Kakasana, even from the early sessions.

Some students, despite having strength, may encounter difficulties in performing this position because they cannot find the right place to rest their knee on the elbow. We then speak of a conflict between ego and intentions. When our intentions are in conflict with our true path of development, the “crow” position becomes almost unattainable.


It is worth observing whether our plans and intentions have not been borrowed from others. Many such intentions do not serve us at all, and their implementation is often lamentable in consequences. Practicing Kakasana – it is always worth verifying our goals.

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