Chest and breast

The Heart Chakra – Anahata serves as the guardian of our emotions. In the region of the chest area, we can perceive the reflection of feelings such as love, tolerance, patience, and understanding. When love, understanding, and openness to the world radiate from within us, our chest area becomes more relaxed, allowing for the free flow of positive emotions.

In English we”get something off your chest.” To express something that has been bothering you.) or “keep it close to your chest.” if we want to  keep something secret or confidential

In the practice of yoga, the skill of mastering the breath (pranayama) is exceptionally important. Through this, we gain the ability to effectively utilize our energy and focus on positive emotions, which bring much goodness into our daily lives. In contrast, negative emotions, such as anger, desire, or hatred, although also important and necessary, can scatter our energy and lead to frustration.

Emotions are crucial for maintaining stability and cultivating inner energy. By observing our posture and what we feel in the vicinity of the chest area, we can better understand the emotions circulating within us.

When grappling with challenging emotions, it’s valuable to open the chest through yoga practice. Poses like Camel, Bridge, or the Ashtanga Asana undoubtedly serve as excellent preparation for difficult conversations that demand from us reserves of empathy, understanding, and patience.

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