Backs are connected with the energy of the heart chakra, called Anahata. It is here that our higher emotions such as love, tolerance, and understanding manifest. However, in this part of the body, we also find reflections of feelings of abandonment, betrayal, and the sense of being deceived or cheated – this applies to both the external world and our inner selves. Someone can deceive us, but we can also deceive ourselves.

The area of our backs deserves special attention, as it is where our reactions to events and relationships with other people become extremely clear. By observing this part of the body, we can easily understand whether we are living in truth and harmony or if we are deceiving ourselves and others. Subconsciously trivializing situations, making hasty judgments, and relying on stereotypes can also be reflected in back discomfort.

When we experience deception or become entangled in lies ourselves, energy blockages in the back can result in physical pain and tension.

It is essential to remember that the pains in our backs and muscle tensions stem from the heart chakra and mirror our life experiences

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