“Love handles” – the oblique abdominal muscles.

The sides or oblique abdominal muscles are governed by the second chakra: Svadhisthana. This area is mainly associated with ideas, creative thoughts, and interpersonal relationships. All our ideas and concepts gather in this part of the body. However, it is essential not to confuse them with intentions and serious aspirations. Thoughts that arise in this […]


Calves are governed by the Muladhara and Manipura chakras. Nadis, which emanate from these chakras, pass intensely through this area. They represent what is known as “earthly matters,” which include daily responsibilities and routines. Describing work as “earthly” does not mean it is insignificant. For example, paying the electricity bill may be burdensome, but without […]

Introduction to Understanding Chakras

The physical body is composed of a combination of five elements. These elements allow cells, tissues, and organs to manifest in the tangible realm. The chakras are the ones who utilize these elements. We can say that if the elements are colors, then the chakras are the brushes that paint them on the canvas. As […]