Lips, mouth, and teeth

Our lips, mouth, and teeth are not just organs and physical elements of our body but a comprehensive system that influences not only our physical health but also the energetic balance of the organism. It is here, in the oral cavity, that not only the process of digestion begins but also where we establish contact […]


The area of the elbow is intensively traversed by the energy of the second chakra – Svadisthana. Elbows are associated with intentions. In this area, the energy of our plans and intentions accumulates. In the elbow, the energy of the arm meets – the energy of action and deeds, with purpose and intention. The expression […]


From an energy perspective, hands are important parts of the body that are connected to various aspects of life and chakras. The influence on the area of hands is related to the energy of several different chakras: Heart Chakra (Anahata): Hands are associated with the heart – the source of love, compassion, and empathy. Through […]